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Talexi’s Art Website

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The very talented visual art director at Ninja Theory Alessandro Taini has a BRAND NEW website that I recommend you all take a look at.


Ninja Theory Announcing New IP Soon!

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screenshot-twitter com 2014-07-30 15-16-13What do you think it could be?

Top 7… Greatest love stories in gaming

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7c87e3c14e5b100afa14e796c67a1d3c4956f842.jpg__939x820_q85Love means never having to say game over

6. Monkey and Trip (Enslaved)

It’s very rare to see fantastic acting in games, let alone any truly skilled performances, but developer Ninja Theory is one of the few companies that pulls this off consistently. With some help from performance capture tech, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West’s two leads, Monkey and Trip, felt particularly real. Players watched both characters grow throughout the game’s many engrossing cutscenes, seeing a bond form between the two that was totally believable.

Monkey starts the game as Trip’s unwilling slave, but only because Trip is in desperate need of someone to guide her through the robot-infested wilderness. The intense circumstances force them to be allies, but things deepen quickly. Whether Monkey is saving her life or Trip is baring her soul to him over a campfire, just looking at the characters’ eyes will tell you their relationship is evolving. Though we see little in the way of physical contact between the two, we can look at their faces–even in the preposterous finale–and know that these two are in love.