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Ninja Theory News Coming On Monday!

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Talexi’s Art Website

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The very talented visual art director at Ninja Theory Alessandro Taini has a BRAND NEW website that I recommend you all take a look at.

Ninja Theory Announcing New IP Soon!

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screenshot-twitter com 2014-07-30 15-16-13What do you think it could be?

HeavenlyNariko (NinjaTheoryFan) on Twitter

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NT banner

I’ve made a twitter for all things Ninja Theory, if you have a twitter be sure to follow. I’ll be tweeting like crazy when they announce their new game.

Ninja Theory is coming to GDC Europe to reveal the games it never released

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As part of this year’s GDC Europe Design track, Ninja Theory co-founder Tameem Antoniades is planning to give a talk currently titled “The AAA Design Postmortem.”

The session will detail the 14-year journey of Ninja Theory, creators of standout titles like Heavenly Sword, Enslaved: Journey To The West, and DmC: Devil May Cry, including the sacrifices and concessions made by the studio to stay in the game. Footage of unreleased games, the reason why they didn’t go to market, and the specific sales-related decisions that led to their demise will be discussed in detail.

British developer Antoniades also plans to showcase previously unseen upcoming games, as well as the unrealized sequel to Kung Fu Chaos, and various other pitches that Ninja Theory had to put on ice or walk away from. With the next generation consoles arriving at the top end, just as mobile and indie games have taken hold at the bottom, Antoniades plans to explore whether or not there is room for a third path that turns the “squeezed middle,” where many a good studio has disappeared, into an opportunity to redefine gaming: the AAA indie game.

GDC Europe takes place this year in Cologne, Germany, from Aug. 8-13.

Could This Be Ninja Theory’s Next Project?

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Stay tuned!

Ninja Theory Showing New Game Tomorrow!

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