It’s Rant Time…Heavenly Sword Movie Trailer!!

I didn’t want to talk about this or give it ANY attention what so ever but it’s annoyed me sooo much that I need to vent.

I will not post the trailer since it’s so bad it will make my eyes bleed if I ever watch it again.


Nariko is played once again by Anna Torv, sad thing is Anna sounds very wooden in her portrayal of Nariko in this film and I’m not sure I blame her with some of the truly crappy dialogue they’ve given her.


King Bohan is now played by Alfred Molina, I have nothing against Alfred in fact I think he’s a great actor and I loved his performance in Spider-man 2 but if you’re a big HS fan like me you know only one man can play Bohan and that is Andy Serkis.


Who the heck is this guy, well apparently this is Nariko’s brother Loki (looks like someone didn’t play the Ninja Theory game)

Here is the exact quote from the intro to Heavenly Sword by Nariko herself…

“I should not have been, it was written that 23 years ago in the year of the firehorse. A deity would be reborn in the body of a mortal man. A saviour, destined to unite our people and show us the way to the promise land. Instead I was born from my mother’s dying body and my people wept. They said I was a portent of doom..maybe they were right.”

This plainly states Nariko is the ONLY child of Shen and his wife. This was one of the most important aspects of Heavenly Sword, Nariko’s isolation from her father and the other members of the clan because they hated her for being a ‘curse’.


Kai is back too but I’m unsure who plays her, but it doesn’t sound like Lydia Baksh (who played Kai in the video game) She isn’t shown enough to know if she is exactly like her video game character.


The way he says this is so creepy it’s like he’s hitting on them or something *yuck*

There are a lot of glaring mistakes in this film too.


First mistake I noticed in the trailer.. a clan member is seen taking Kai’s necklace and teasing her, the clan NEVER did this, In fact I’d say Kai was popular with them. (she was found by Nariko and quickly welcomed into the clan) Kai is Nariko’s only friend and adopted little sister.


Nariko’s sleeve is on the wrong side but in the next shot in the trailer


It’s back on the left, Nariko’s top must have magical shoulder swapping powers.


I never saw horses in the final battle.


The Heavenly Sword is an ancient and mystical weapon, but it never fired beams of light into the sky.


Not a mistake but.. this was one of my favourite sequences from the game (The Goddess) and I just know this crappy film will do this incredible scene no justice.

Well my rant is officially over, let’s hope this movie fades into obscurity and is never mentioned again.



19 Responses to “It’s Rant Time…Heavenly Sword Movie Trailer!!”

  1. I haven’t been able to find the trailer anywhere, can you please share it?

  2. I’m not doubting that, I’m just curious!

  3. We do! It would be a dream come true! I can’t believe they’re wasting their time making a crappy movie when they could just let Ninja Theory work their magic and create a sequel masterpiece! Such retards! Let’s tweet the hell out of them!

  4. No, thank YOU! Hope more join in and they listen!

  5. I was excited about this but after seeing that trailer, not any more. It looks horrible.

  6. Well I am sorry to say that i disagree with all of you who think this stupid. I loved the game and the movie look Pretty good too.

  7. Oh, wow, this trailer isn’t even on Youtube. On Youtube. EVERYTHING is on Youtube. I literally had to hunt through the internet looking for this. Guys, you know that the point of a trailer is to advertise your product, right?

    And, um, yeah, the film looks pretty bad. Loki looks like an utterly horrible character, and I’d probably mute the damn volume whenever he comes up. And Anna Torv is pretty flat, but that’s an indication that she received dreadful direction.

    Um, some of the fight choreography looks not terrible? And also, it looks like Nariko and Kai go off on an adventure at some point, so…more Nariko and Kai scenes together, which were my favourite part of the game, so it can’t be all bad, right?

  8. According to the film Nariko, Kai & Loki are all 3 brother/sisters, but by 3 different mothers with Shen.
    I could believe that for Loki but not for Kai as the game establishes clearly that she was a rescued orphan.

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