Enslaved: Odyssey to The West wins “Best New IP” at Develop Awards

Some of the biggest developers and best games were recognised at the Develop awards. One of the biggest awards up for grabs was “Best New IP”. The game that took that accolade was Namco Bandai’s Enslaved: Odyssey to The West.

The incredible action adventure game released last year to great critical success but unfortunately never took off with consumers. You can now easily pick up this game for less than 20 Euro, and is honestly a steal at that price. It is one of the best and easily the most under-rated game last year. If you haven’t played it yet, you really need too. Congrats Enslaved.

4 Responses to “Enslaved: Odyssey to The West wins “Best New IP” at Develop Awards”

  1. Yeah!!!! Thats a good news 😉 My Grats to Ninja Theory they deserve it…. but its sad that Enslaved selled so less copies =( But I hope for a sequel 😉 P.S. And Heavenly Sword of course ;))

  2. Scytherman Says:

    I love this incredible game…the game universe is so exotic; the post apocalyptic look has been captured nicely-it’s in every texture and model…amazing!!

    I really hope they will make a sequel(or a prequel)!!

    Looking forward to getting the DLC

  3. Both Heavenly Sword & Enslaved were simply awesome. Because they were so epic, I think they should both be left alone as 1 game & forever be in our memories for their great story telling.

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