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Ninja Theory Denies Working On New Heavenly Sword

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Ninja Theory, the developer behind PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavenly Sword, has denied that they’re working on a sequel or anything related to the IP.

The denial comes via Twitter, after a rumour appeared in the latest edition of PlayGamer magazine Ninja Theory said: “We’re not currently developing HS2 or anything within the HS IP.”

Only E3 will show if the HS2 rumour is true.


Heavenly Sword 2?

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It appears that Nariko and Kai may be reliving another adventure as UK gaming magazine PlayGamer has stated that developer Ninja Theory will be announcing Heavenly Sword 2 at this year’s E3 convention.

According to the publication, Heavenly Sword 2 will take place ten years after the events in the original, allowing gamers to travel a new open world.

Apparently, missions are constructed to be replayable within an interactive environment, rumored to feature deformable scenery and chances of finding makeshift weapons. The magazine also suggests that the legendary Heavenly Sword will not be attainable at the beginning of the game, coursing players to master a variety of martial arts before handling weaponry.

Last year, Ninja Theory’s Tameem Antoniades commented that a sequel was never out of the question, revealing ideas to have Nariko serve time in Hell, while Kai roamed the surface of the Earth trying to save her soul.

“I had this idea that you would play Nariko who finds herself trapped in Hell by the spirit of the sword,” said Antoniades.

“Kai would be playable in the real world and would communicate with Nariko and try and help rescue her soul.”

The original sold more than 1.5 million copies as a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Since then, Ninja Theory has released Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and revealed their involvement working on a new Devil May Cry reboot for Capcom. If this rumor is true, expect to hear more on Heavenly Sword 2 at E3 this June.