America: Prepare to be Enslaved!

If you haven’t already go grab a copy of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West from your local game store and enjoy an incredible journey.

3 Responses to “America: Prepare to be Enslaved!”

  1. Just 2 Days to european Release!! Then I will be enslaved by the Trip 😀

  2. Picked it up on Thursday. It was a pretty epic adventure. I loved the chemistry between Monkey and Trip, and the introduction of Pigsy was the perfect catalyst to the idea of a budding romance between these two lead characters. I enjoyed the platforming; I thought it was fluid, and I often stopped jumping and swinging from one pole or jutting brick to the next just to admire the awesome visuals and gorgeous scenery. The visuals were also great on the personal level, i.e. closeups of Monkey’s and Trip’s faces, which gave huge credence to the effect of the story because their emotions were displayed on their faces. Overall, a wonderful adventure with an amazing story, impressive graphics, and enjoyable gameplay!

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