Enslaved Review – 86% In GamesMaster

Praise starts rolling in for Ninja Theory’s adventure

The first review for promising Ninja Theory adventure Enslaved has arrived via GamesMaster magazine.

GM gave the title, which stars Andy Serkis, a decent 86%, calling it “a colourful breath of fresh air with some of the best acting chops in gaming history”.

The mag paid particular praise – unsurprisingly – to the stunning cut-scenes and narrative, which is penned by 28 Days Later scribe, Alex Garland.

“The relationship – the gentle love – that develops between Monkey and Trip during their arduous journey makes (the admittedly superbly delivered) dialogue almost redundant,” GM writes.

Ninja Theory’s game offers a glimpse at a future in which “games and Hollywood finally get on,” it adds.


2 Responses to “Enslaved Review – 86% In GamesMaster”

  1. It’s ok… but i think that game is underrated same as Heavenly Sword was, I dont believe any reviews until I play it by myself.. I love everything in this game. But this kind of games not for everyone just like HS some people loved it, some hated.. and others dont played it yet.. its very sad for me because everyone know and played games like Call Of Duty MW2 etc for me MW2 was 0815 shooter game without Story…. Anyway sorry for long comment but i will say to everyone dont believe this ratings better you play this by yourself!! P.S. I love this game cant wait until Release ;))) Trip ftw!!

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