Enslaved: ‘We don’t expect a sequel’

Ninja Theory boss Tameem Antoniades says his studio’s not automatically expecting to follow up adventure stunner Enslaved with a sequel.

Popping into CVG towers for a chat and a cuppa this month, the Ninja Theory head revealed that despite industry trends, the studio’s not planning a story arch for enslaved – and it’s certainly not holding back ideas for future games.

“For this game this is the one story, we focus everything on that one story and pretend there won’t be a sequel,” he said. “So no, we don’t have a big arc.”

Antoniades explained that Ninja Theory’s aim is to put “every cool idea and concept” it can into the first game, but it’s not automatically expecting success.

“We did Kung-Fu Chaos and there was no sequel for that. Heavenly Sword, there was no sequel for that. So we’re now in the mindset that there’s not going to be a sequel for this unless it’s miraculously successful. Well not miraculously, but we don’t assume it’s going to be successful.”

He added: “If there is going to be a sequel then you can probably think there will be two sequels and you can start planning that.”

The Ninja Theory boss added that despite restrained expectations, he doesn’t think it’ll be a problem coming up with ideas for new games in the Enslaved universe.

“There are ways to extend it out, I’m not worried about that. I just didn’t want to leave anything hanging – I hate that,” he said.

Last month Antoniades offered depth to Enslaved 2’s chances, admitting that Ninja Theory would’ve done Heavenly Sword 2 if it weren’t for Sony gobbling up the rights.

If you read our interview with Namco Bandai Partners, you’ll also see that it’s keen to turn Enslaved into a monster series.


One Response to “Enslaved: ‘We don’t expect a sequel’”

  1. Well, they left stuff hanging. Alot hanging, actually. Especially the fact that we know next to nothing about the characters. Monkey especially.
    And what the hell happened after the end? Seperate ways? Peace? A riot amongst the former ‘slaves’? What if they didn’t want freedom? We’ll never know if Ninja Theory decides not to continue….

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