Enslaved’s Graphical Influences Revealed

Promising adventure game, Enslaved’s similarities to genre champ Uncharted happened by coincidence, developer Ninja Theory has suggested.

The Heavenly Sword dev’s beautiful adventure game mixes Andy Serkis-acted cinematics, visceral combat and very Nathan Drake-esque platforming for a final product that looks very impressive indeed.

But Ninja Theory boss Tameem Antoniades says Naughty Dog’s game came too late to draw inspiration:

“We were working on the game for two years and then Uncharted came out, so it’s not like we could make a massive course direction based on what Uncharted was doing,” he told CVG.

“I think it’s one of those things where if you’re trying to make a cinematic action adventure you end up coming up with similar kinds of themes.”

He added: “We started by looking at everything we did right in Heavenly Sword and what we wanted to improve upon. The art style was influenced by a lot of things that we grew up with; Miyazaki movies, comic books… things that have a very colourful art style.”

He added: “Heavenly Sword was all pure combat so we wanted to make a more rounded experience with clambering and stuff. Clambering for example was inspired by Tarzan cartoons.”


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