Top Ten PS3 Boss Battles Of All Time

7) Heavenly Sword / Nariko Vs. King Bohan
Heavenly Sword

A frequently overlooked gem, Ninja Theory’s Heavenly Sword nets itself a well-deserved spot in our top ten thanks to the stellar duel against King Bohan (voiced by the utterly brilliant Andy Serkis) at the game’s climax. Accompanied by a sweeping orchestral score, the fight takes place on a sprawling battlefield crammed with dozens of sparing warriors, where flame-haired protagonist Nariko and the Raven King (aka Bohan) duke it out with each other amidst a field of corpses – needless to say, these credentials lend the battle a decidedly epic feel to say the least. Interestingly, the fight is in part evocative of Link’s duel with Phantom Ganon in The Legend of Zelda, requiring you to reflect Bohan’s attacks back at him to stun your enemy, allowing you to get up close and personal to deal out some serious punishment. Given Heavenly Sword’s penchant for QTE’s, it should also come as no surprise that there’s a couple of context sensitive attacks you’re able to pull off providing you’re quick enough. Oh, and did we mention Andy Serkis?


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