Top 10 voice actors/actresses of this generation

Anna and Lydia at Number 6!

Lydia Baksh/Anna Torv

I doubt you have heard of Lydia Baksh or Anna Torv, even if you have played the game they were in. Lydia Baksh was Kai in Heavenly Sword and Anna Torv was Nariko. I didn’t want to leave one of these out of the list because they both done a fantastic job, Hell all of the voice acting in Heavenly Sword is incredible. Lydia Baksh was what made Kai. Kai was a very fun character; she enjoyed playing games revolving around killing the enemy but was always very humorous. Lydia Baksh’s voice work made Kai even more fun than she would have been with a normal voice. She managed to convey many emotions behind Kai. You really felt for her at certain times and like I just said she added humour too. Anna Torv also did a fantastic voice job. She made Nariko the character she was. She was able to convey the anger that Nariko had against the enemy really well and you could feel genuine rage. In the fight against Whiptail, Nariko mocks Whiptail and the voice there had a very different tone but it was performed excellently and I needed to mention it here. Both actresses done a fantastic job at conveying the emotions behind their characters and helped make the game what it is. It’s just a shame they aren’t in anything else.


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