Top 5 Under Appreciated Playstation 3 Titles

2) Heavenly Sword – Any action/adventure fan worth his salt knows of Dante, Kratos, and Ryu Hyabusa, but not many know of the red-headed femme fatale known as Nariko from Ninja Theory’s epic Heavenly Sword.

On the story front, the game follows the tale of young Nariko, who has been burdened with the task of protecting the godly weapon the Heavenly Sword from evil King Bohan and his army. In desperation, she weilds the sword, sealing her fate as it begins to eat away at her life force. The game is pure action and combat, with a three stance based fighting system, where moves can be chained into one another and stances switched on the fly for varied, seemless combat.

The visuals are absolutely stunning, and the story is both humorous, dramatic, and touching, with amazing motion capture and facial animation, and performances by the entire cast, in particular Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings) as King Bohan, and Anna Torv (Fringe) as Nariko. The combat is visceral, satisfying, and overall fun to play. The game was inexplicably lombasted by the media, killing any hopes of a sequel, but the story is self contained and concludes in a way that, despite leaving plenty of room for a sequel, is complete nontheless. A must have for action/adventure fans.

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